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Kitchen & Dining Room REMODELING


Planning to modernize your kitchen? We can help! We can work with you to help you build the kitchen of your dreams. Modernizing your kitchen will add comfort and style to your cooking area – while adding value to your home. We can provide advice, tips, and ideas to ensure that the remodeling process is a total success. With us, even a small budget can go a long way.


“JR is one of the most hands-on owners with whom I have done business. He takes pride in every detail of the work checking everything, making sure any problems that arise are handled professionally and making sure everything is clean when the job is complete. I was amazed to see him pick up a broom and sweep our patio after they installed a new sliding door. As we continue to do work on our house, JR will be the only call I will make. There are others who might do a job for less, but without the level of attention we get from JR, it would be a false economy.”
Ken Munkens
Matthews, Inc.


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Let Us Bring Your Imagination To Life.

Our courteous professional craftsmen bring your vision to life, without the hassle or frustration so common with renovation and rehabilitation projects.


360 Contractor Services mission is to provide owners of investment property with upkeep and upgrades that protect and enhance market value. 


The craftsmen who work for 360 Contractor Services have a reputation for being obsessive when it comes to quality. With us, there is no such thing as good enough.


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